Choose Forestgate Millwork For Exceptional Mouldings

At Forestgate we offer Wainscoting, Crown and Panel Mouldings to suit every taste.

Forest Millwork Custom Moulding

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is a skilled trade unto its own, like stair and rail.  At Forestgate Millwork, we have the skill to help you envision the fullness of design for a new build, update and increase the resale value of your home, continue crown already used in a Century home, or modernize mid-century homes.  With a host of choices to match or complement existing design, Forestgate Millwork can guide you in your choice of profile. 

Panel Moulding

Panel Moulding can be a simple or elaborate addition to one, or several rooms in your home.  It instantly infuses a hit of current style.  For example, it provides a space(s) to add accent wallpaper, complementary or contrast paint colour, or just to add a classic flair.  More complex designs add sophistication and elegance typically used in dining rooms are now features in powder rooms, ensuites and/ or family rooms. 
Forestgate Millwork can work with you and your home or office to modify typical panel moulding design to a more unique and modern design that suit your design sensibility.
The options are endless at Forestgate Millwork.  The use of and modifications to traditional panel moulding design can include geometric designs made to custom specifications to create a feature wall, open up a space visually, or create a cozy feel. 
Forestgate Millwork can offer expert advice to help you make the choice that will bring your home to its full design capacity.



Your design project may include a combination of crown, panel moulding, and wainscot, or wainscot on its own.  Traditionally used to protect the plaster walls in century homes, wainscot has many more applications in modern and classic home design today. 
From tongue and groove used on ceilings, horizontal installation to create a feature wall, or tied to more traditional roots that feature their use in bathrooms, bedrooms, accompaniments to staircases, dining rooms, etc. 
Forestgate Millwork is committed to accuracy from the start to project finish.  Our integrity is certain to be noticed from consultation, installation, and finishing elements of all of our customer projects.  Your project is our pride. 


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